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Fulwood Engineering was started by a group of engineers that have a long history of working in engineering consultancies and embedded in engineering businesses. Our senior team has experience in the Manufacturing, Aerospace, Energy and Rail sectors.


Our core skills are in Mechanical Engineering but we understand that modern design tasks often require a broad range of skills. We have a large list of approved suppliers that we have experience working with such as:


  • Electronic engineers.

  • Chemists and materials specialists.

  • Software engineers.

  • Graphic designers.

  • Manufacturers.


We are happy to work alongside other suppliers or manage delivery for you. We have a suite of engagement practices to control complex projects to ensure the best results.

Our Team.


We provide work based on three models:


  • Time and Materials (T&M); our hourly rate for support. This is managed up to a limit of liability with the scope of work to be completed clearly communicated before work begins along with the hours estimate.

  • Fix price work; fully scoped work package at a fixed price, communicated in a proposal document.

  • Collaboration agreement; discounted work based on an agreed contract, dependant on the type of work, ask for more details.

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