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Once we have captured the key design requirements and got an understanding of their importance, concepts can be developed. Concepting can take numerous forms depending on the type of project and goals as discussed below.


Concept Sketches - Form

Graphical renderings of possible design forms can be generated using our CAD software. Hand sketches can also be produced to quickly communicate ideas. Early graphics and sketches can be a powerful addition to funding applications and project documentation.

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Roller table retrofit function.png

Mechanisms - Function

The function of your design may require elements such as:

- Mechanical drive

- Hydraulics \ pneumatics

- Spring mass damping

- Electronic control

- Magnetics

- etc.

We can sketch/model up these options for your system design.

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Operational Planning.png

Operation / Process

If your design involves a number of process or operational steps, these can be modelled with functional blocks in a flow diagram. The overall system or functional steps can then be mathematically modelled if required.

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Modern Bridge

Materials / Equipment Selection

The materials in your design are crucial to function and form. Your design may integrate Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) equipment elements that need to be considered. It is important to consider material / COTS equipment selection at an early stage because it can define the design route, manufacturing process and design performance. We can recommend materials and equipment based on previous experience and your requirements.

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