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Hand calculations are one of the most valuable tools in design. The ability to rapidly assess response when design parameters change speeds up development time substantially. Calculation can also be a method of rapidly assessing feasibility of a solution.

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Strength Calculation

At Fulwood Engineering we have a database of materials data and standard calculations to allow us to quickly build bespoke calculations to approve your design. We are familiar with numerous standards and regulations and understand how to apply them correctly within calculations.


Function Simulation

Systems modelling is a highly developed branch of engineering. A systems response to inputs can be simulated using function blocks representing behaviour. Systems modelling can be used in applications such as hydraulics design, vibration response, turbomachinery design and process line simulation.

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Financial Modelling

At Fulwood Engineering we support the development of your design through the entire product life. We can support production planning to build up the business case for your product and look at the cost benefit of design decisions. You may choose to bring manufacture in house, you may choose to change material properties to save on cost, you may need to assess the total saving or cost or changing a supplier. We are experienced in simulating events like this and also in provided guidance from an engineering perspective.

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