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Standardised Testing

A vast array of testing to understand properties that are important in design have been standardised. Standards are documents that prescribe the best practice approach to tests as agreed by an industry panel. At Fulwood Engineering we can manage standardised testing and report results with your product context in mine.

Common Tests:

- Single/Double Lap Shear

- Peel

- Flatwise Tension

- Hardness

- Three/Four Point Bend

- Cyclic Fatigue

- Proof Loading

- Electrical Grounding

fracture testing.png

Bespoke Testing

Standardised testing is good for understanding individual interfaces or specific regions within your design. However, this won't always give you a complete understanding of the response of the entire system. It may be appropriate to design a bespoke test for your product.


- Fatigue testing of operation

- Leak testing

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